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How to gain clarity for the achievement of goals.

17 Jan

How to gain clarity to achieve your goals

What is the dictionary definition of clarity – ‘The quality of being clear, in particular’

Many women who have been in contact with me recently, all come along asking one question. ‘How do I gain clarity in order for me to achieve my goals?’

I decided to do a short video with 6 points that I feel clearly answers that question.

1). Realise that you own control over life’s outcomes. There are many external influences that will impact your wellbeing, but you must be able to be flexible and adjust in order to achieve your goals.

2). Revisit your past. Once you remember where you are coming from this will help you to focus. If you are coming from a past filled with sorrow, abuse, neglect, hurt and loneliness and you make a vow to yourself never to go back to such a time as that or even allow your children to experience it. Then that vow you made to yourself acts as a compass keeping you on track to your final destination.

3). See things through your mind’s eye. Visualize things they way you want them to be and don’t be disheartened by your present situation.

4). Write down your goals. Start your day reading your lists daily so they are constantly fresh at the forefront of your mind.

5). Not all goals will be life changing. Understand that your goals are just that they are yours. So each should be treated with the same treatment and enthusiasm as the previous one.

6). Don’t become to overwhelmed. Take it easy and one step at a time.

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My story forms the foundation of my creativity

11 Jan


This book is my memoir of my life story so far. Having gone through all that I went through in life, it’s enough for me to just give up and not bother with life again. However, one thing that kept me going was my love for music this was and still is my escape route and my faith in God. I knew of Him but did not really have a personal relationship with Him, I knew that I felt really connected to him when I sang or just listened to music.

Music really saved me because it gave/gives me the opportunity to claim another identity, releasing any inhibitions within me. It makes me feel like I can do anything and be anyone, almost unstoppable and invincible. OK, someone reading this may say ‘wow’ that’s a bit much, but others would nod their heads in total agreement. Well, everyone is entitled to their own feelings so each to his own.

One thing that I would like to highlight here is, whatever your story may be it forms the foundation of your creativity. Your ability to turn your situation around and become a beacon of hope for yourself, family, community and the society at large can never and should never be underestimated. It’s not easy to go through a difficult situation in life and then come out on the other side still smiling and standing, at an age when many of my peers where enjoying their adolescence I was already pushing a pram. From the very onset I found out I was pregnant at school, I knew that my life had changed forever. My initial reaction was to abort the child in order to avoid having to face my parents to inform them that their little girl was now with child. I was never allowed to go to parties with friends, have boys call me at home or even stay out late but yet somehow I managed to get myself pregnant.

The plan was never to be a teenage mum especially when my parents decided to bring both my younger sister and I to the UK for greener pastures. To say it was a big blow and a disappointment to them is an understatement, seeing the child you have nursed and cared for now turning around to bring about the biggest form of humiliation they could think of was unfathomable to them. I do not lay blame to them or anyone else for the treatment I received as a result of my own action as a young girl, but I do lay blame on the basis that two wrong does not make a right. A child who has gone off the rails needs wisdom, love and patience to be able to draw them back to the right path. Having my child was and is not a mistake, the timing may have been wrong but a child in a home always remains a blessing. My story is one of bullying, depression, teenage pregnancy, early marriage, abuse, rejection and isolation from the church, divorce and remarriage. With all these changes taking place in my life, the one thing that remained constant in life was my love for my music, it gave me an escape route from everything that was happening around me – it gave me another identity. My faith in God was in-built even at the time that I did not really know who God was, I had an unexplained trust in him, even though I never admitted it. I knew that He existed and after growing up in a Christian family He was all I knew but saw Him as someone who was afar off and not nearby.

My foundation has helped form my creativity, because it’s the compass that directs my life shaping the work I do and how I live my life. Having an understanding of who you are, what your purpose on earth is and how to effectively impact your environment helps shape the foundation of your creativity. Enabling you to constantly evolve and keep up with changing times to better serve your community.


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