Your Foundation Matters

6 Jul


Most of us love cake, but no matter how decorated that cake is on the outside. If that cake is not fully baked on the inside the beauty of that cake is only found on the outward appearance. Time is needed to get that cake fully baked, so it is for our lives and businesses.

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Your Foundation Matters

I am Magdalene Adenaike, I help you unearth your why mentoring ladies on a one to one basis. The CEO of Music Relief Foundation (– we run experiential music as therapy workshops for youths, and all youth organisations and charities creating a balanced well-being, building confidence and self-esteem. .

Upcoming Event

A fabulous event for the ladies on the 15th of July –  The Music, The Mango and Me. Is a theatrical performance, a dialogue of two ladies through the words of their books. ‘From Shame to Strength. Music Saved Me‘ – Magdalene Adenaike BA, FRSA. ‘The Mango Girl‘ – Dr. Ava Eagle Brown.

Register now for this event – The Music, The Mango and Me   The Music, The Mango and Me Promo

Contact Me Now

Facebook:madenaike1      Twitter:@madenaike1       LinkedIn:magdaleneadenaike  Instagram:madenaike      Email:

If you are ready to Unearth your Why and live a purpose filled life.

Contact me now let’s start the work together.


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