7 Strategic Tips for unearthing your WHY

22 Jun









Have you started thinking about your why?

Why are you still alive?

Have you ever thought of your experiences? Why did you go through what you went through/or going through?

Life is a not a bed of roses, there are many challenges and difficulties that we experience. Unfortunately, many are consumed by these challenges and difficulties and are no longer with us. However, many of us are still here and some of us are trying to make sense of our experiences to help ourselves and others.

It’s important that I state here that, whilst in this journey of trying to make sense of your experiences you slip into a somewhat backward trail of regrets, stagnation, frustration, denial, delays etc. Don’t despair. I always tell people that we are all on a journey, and each person’s path of life is different. It’s easy to get sucked into a world of deception when it appears that everyone else is progressing and living great lives, whilst yours is either moving backwards or not moving at all.

I fully understand that feeling and experience that so often, but below are 7 strategic tips that I have personally used and still using which helps me to overcome those unhealthy feelings.

1). Believe in God – Many may say, ‘oh I don’t believe in God, I believe in x’. Whatever that ‘x’ maybe believe in him,her or it if that’s where you get comfort and relief from.

2). Be true to yourself – You can lie to everyone else but you can’t lie to yourself. Where have you come from? What happened or is happening to you? Sit down and have several discussions with yourself.

3). How can you use your experience to help others? – Some people have experienced truly horrendous and traumatic things in their lives and are daily having to live with those things. Some haven’t experienced such and may not be able to relate. Whatever side of the coin you find yourself in, my question to you is ‘how can you use your experience to help others?

4). Are you willing to learn? – Life is a great teacher and the learning process never stops. When an individual feels that they know it all, that’s when friends and family needs to begin to ring the alarm bells to help that individual come back to earth.

5). Are you fed up with the way things are right now? – I have spoken with many individuals who have informed me of their unhappiness in the direction of their lives. Many are fed up of their work, fed up of not being happy, or simply just fed up of being fed up and feel they need to do something but unsure what.

6). Who do you admire and wish you could do what they do? I love and admire Beyoncé and always refer to her as my sister from another mother. She epitomizes what it means to be a true and all rounded entertainer, and for that I truly admire and respect her.When I put on my musicians hat those qualities are amongst the many things that steer me towards a great outcome.

7). Be ready for the journey – ‘Room was not built in a day’. Don’t be in a haste, remember life is a continuous journey. Take your time, learn from others, take time out from the rat race and be by yourself. Think about a lasting legacy and not here today and gone tomorrow.

I was a bullied at school because of my accent when I came to this country from my homeland in Nigeria as a young girl. This led to a downward spiral for me as I chose another identity in order to fit in and consequently led to the teenage pregnancy. I faced stigma from family and community. I was kicked out of the choir as I was told I was a disgrace, I faced shame, isolation, loneliness, frustration, depression, an object of mockery and reproach. Music was my escape route, even though I was not allowed to sing publicly any longer, it gave me solace in my isolation. Music birthed my WHY, which led to the desire to work with other teen parents supporting them through their issues. These consequently led me to a wider audience who were also hurting and looking for ways to address their problems. Eventually prompting the formation of my organisation Music Relief Foundation – Transforming lives creatively and consistently. We run experiential workshops for youths and women. I wrote a book about my life so far, and my experiences has led me amongst other things to becoming an inspirational speaker and mentor.

I am Magdalene Adenaike, I help you unearth your why mentoring ladies on a one to one basis. The CEO of Music Relief Foundation (www.music-relief.com)– we run experiential music as therapy workshops for youths, and all youth organisations and charities creating a balanced well-being, building confidence and self-esteem. .

Upcoming Event

A fabulous event for the ladies on the 15th of July –  The Music, The Mango and Me. Is a theatrical performance, a dialogue of two ladies through the words of their books. ‘From Shame to Strength. Music Saved Me‘ – Magdalene Adenaike BA, FRSA. ‘The Mango Girl‘ – Dr. Ava Eagle Brown.

Register now for this event – The Music, The Mango and Me

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Facebook:madenaike1      Twitter:@madenaike1       LinkedIn:magdaleneadenaike  Instagram:madenaike      Email: magdalene@music-relief.com

If you are ready to Unearth your Why and live a purpose filled life.

Contact me now let’s start the work together.




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