As a man thinks in his heart so is he

15 Jun








What comes to your mind when you read the above statement?

For me two things comes to my mind, firstly a passage from the bible and the other is the realism of that statement. Whatever you believe within yourself will definitely manifest itself on the outside. If you believe that you are capable of achieving greatness then no matter what may be happening around you, you still remain focus and push for your goals.

I have had many years of building, pushing for my goals and striving to overcome doubts and fears within myself. It has been an immense struggle, especially when I was still in the formation process and not really sure of my abilities. Most especially when the voices of people outside seem to be overpowering my own voice, I started telling myself that ‘maybe I really shouldn’t be doing what I am doing after all’. 

I don’t know about others, but for me it was really a time of seeking other people’s approval. I really wanted to be accepted and be classed as someone who really knew what she was talking about from the lips of others. So this led to me beating myself up all the time when I did not hear any complimentary comments from people, and it also led me wanting to please others by displeasing myself. I was taking on so many projects and wearing myself out all because I wanted to be seen as dare I say it ‘Jack of all trades’, but remember what comes after ‘Master of none’. That part never crossed my mind, or should I say I did not allow it to cross my mind because I felt I was too focused and striving for something big and surely this will definitely impress the people now.

Oh what a big error that was, all I got from that at the end of the day was tiredness, frustration and a feeling of emptiness.How could those 9 letter words above be so easy to read but extremely difficult to understand at the same time? How was it that I spent so much time wanting to please people and displease myself? Who are these so-called people and why do they have so much power/influence over me? Why did I give them the keys to my life for so long, whilst ignoring my own voice?

These are questions that came when I finally had the eureka moment and still flooding my mind now as I write this blog. Many of us are still in that phase of our lives and feeling very frustrated and irritable because we have chosen to ignore our own voice and allowed the opinion of others influence our thought process that we then begin to think and act like them. I recently wrote a post that states, ‘Always remember your worth, do not allow the comments of others or external factors hinder you from striving for the best’. Oprah Winfrey was not originally celebrated, instead she suffered abuse, neglect, rejection and the like. She was frowned upon and I am very sure told that she would never amount to anything. She was not recognised at the beginning for being anything, a nobody that should not be associated with. However, can that statement be made of her today? She is widely celebrated for her work and many would like to be compared to her.

Whether you are at your beginning stage, mid stage or growth stage. Know your worth, you may not be widely known as Oprah Winfrey or the like today but that does not mean you do not know what you are saying or doing. No one and I repeat no one should ever make you feel less of yourself. Who are they and how dare they feel they have power over you? 

‘As a man thinks in his heart so is he’

I draw conclusion for now with this, no matter what stage you may be in your life. Remember that you are on your own individualised journey. You do not have to answer to anyone about what steps you are taking excepting you personally give them that permission to question you on your steps. You alone know how the shoe feels when you wear it, so you alone should know when you need to come to your own eureka moment and say enough is enough.

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