Build your confidence through the Arts

12 Apr

Many of us as children or with our own children, were enrolled and/or encourage our children to partake in various activities that are arts related. We go through hours of listening and participating in one way or the other in order to perfect our craft, and build confidence within ourselves whilst doing so.

However, many children as they grow up are either discouraged to continue or give up this one time passion for other pursuits. My question here is, ‘Why is that’? It has been proven that arts related activities help boost a child’s self-image. Whether in an individual or group setting arts education improves a child’s learning.

As a musician myself (my voice is my tool), I have seen great improvement within myself when I have to stand in front of an audience. I see it exhibited even more when I work with various individuals whether in a workshop setting or on a one to one basis. Seeing the whole transformation of the individual from a once withdrawn person to a more confident and outgoing person is indeed a great revelation.

I do not only request that children pursue after arts related activities, adults alike are also much more advised and encouraged to do so. In my opinion, you do not have to be the best singer to want to sing but having the desire to want to do it and been able to combat any fears you may have in order for you to stand in front of an audience must be applauded and appreciated. Let me just quickly say that singing is not for everybody, but do you know that singing has transferable skills that can present itself when you need to stand in front of an audience to speak? Learning to be a great public speaker is an art of its own and has to be developed and cultivated within the individual. So if your dream is to become the next Vincent Van Gogh (famous artist), Darcey Bussell CBE ( a retired famous ballerina and a judge on Strictly Come Dancing), or Stevie Wonder (all rounded musical genius) etc. It takes one step at a time.

The arts instil pride within the individual – after spending hours and hours on whatever your chosen field is and then finally able to look back with a sense of accomplishment. Is a great skill in your journey of self-development in the actualisation of your dreams.

The arts develop real-life skills – critical and creative thinking, hand-eye coordination, motor skills, social skills, sharing and negotiating. From my personal experience and from my work with others, human being are better able to deepen their thinking through a creative response. Thus learning persistence and higher level of creative thinking in the desire to accomplish that piece of art.

The art increases an individual’s sense of belonging to a group or community – the whole ideal of working collectively as a body towards something draws those individuals together. A tight bond is developed, friendships are formed and a person’s sense of worth is increased because that individual feels valued and understood.

As I begin to draw conclusion for this article, I would like to leave this with you the reader. It’s never too late to go back to your old passion or start to learn something new. As a confidence building expert of the arts, I fully understand and appreciate the power of the arts in all its manifestations, and therefore request everyone reading this if not already doing so. To get involved in an art related activity and develop new skills that you never knew you had.

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