Embracing your 2016

29 Dec

As we approach the New Year, many people are busy writing out their New Year’s resolution. My question to you is, ‘what are your resolutions? Are you as enthusiastic as others seem to be as we approach the New Year? How will you be embracing 2016? There are wish lists that many people have and there are actual lists that are organic and grows with the individual even as the year progresses.

What things did you achieve in 2015 and even before that you feel you would like to expatiate and explore further in 2016? What passions did you slowly start to explore but somehow dropped along the way, but you would like to fully explore in 2016?
I truly believe that everyone is on his/her individual race and should not feel that they need to compete with others to achieve their goal. I am a musician and an entrepreneur as well as juggling so many other hats in-between. I have learnt over the years that I am on my own journey and should not and will not be made to feel inadequate compared to others. Your 2016 should be just that yours, which means that whatever you decide to do or not do should be entirely your own choice. You are on your own journey and should not feel that you need someone else’s approval in order for you to do what you doing.

2016 can be the best year of your life or it could be the most miserable depending on the mind-set you use in approaching it. Many unfortunately are in hospital and entering the New Year praying for speedy recovery. Others, unfortunately are mourning the loss of a loved one and just wishing they could turn back the hands of time. My desire for everyone reading this blog is to embrace 2016 in a way that is best for you. Do what your heart desires and forget about the rat race and pursue whatever your passion is, whether a new thing or an old love that needs to be resurrected.
Enjoy your 2016 in your own way.
Compliments of the season to you all.


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