Same old practice produces the same old results.

19 Apr


It’s that time again, and prior to begin I started thinking of the main purpose of sending the blogs in the first place. I have come to inform you through working together that if we continue using the same old practice we will get the same old result, but if we change things then we can get better results.

Before I go any further I would just like to share my new piece of news with everyone, I have been asked to write an article for an online magazine on what it is like to be a Teenage Pregnancy Specialist. Then to continue to contribute towards the magazine regularly.

Well let’s continue………………….

My intention is not to fill up your inboxes with unnecessary emails but to work together with one or two or more of you to help our disadvantaged youths within our society.  I may not be coming across in the conventional way that may be expected in dealing with our disadvantaged youths; however I do believe we all have at least one thing in common. This is to help the youths who are seriously struggling within our society.

I believe in speaking from the heart and for me that means talking about my own experiences during what was a mixture of both a dark and happy period in my life. If someone was to ask me why I found myself as one of the statistics back in 1998/99 whilst still in college, I would give them a simple answer that simply says that somewhere deep down in the human psych we are all looking for something more. Something we really want or in my case something that we never thought of but ended up having. As naively as it all may sound I never thought that I would get pregnant, it really did not even cross my mind.

This then brings me to many of our youths today, the news are always quick to report that teenage pregnancy is either at its highest or lowest either in this country or abroad. However, the main issue that I believe that has not been tackled as yet is the true reason why many teenage girls get pregnant or why many are classed as troubled youths. We all know the main once which are i.e. from broken families, lack of parental love, peer pressure etc, but let me put these across to you. What if none of the above was actually the case? I know because I am one of exception of the above list. I had everything any child growing up in a home needs and requires, but yet I brought a very devastating news at the time to my family that in itself almost broke up my parents’ marriage.

I have come to understand that everyone is different and the same measure that is used to deal with one cannot be the same to deal with someone else. The funny thing about this is that many of these young ladies being reported about in the news are very independent young ladies who like me do not fit the bracket in which they are being categorised under. Instead some of them say that they are working and actually want babies at the age they are in.

This I believe is a different ball game altogether and must be treated in an unconventional way in order to get better results, and that’s where I come in. I will leave one thing with us all for now,

  ‘It’s better for us to walk the shoes of others and truly understand what they feel, than to give counsel that leaves the individual more confused’. Magdalene Adenaike.


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