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26 Mar

It seems to me that every time I open the newspaper there appears to be some article on teenage pregnancies or abortion rates. 

I wonder to myself if its because its something I’m involved with or if the welfare of our youths in our society has really deteriorated. I read the newspaper articles with sympathy and despair because I wonder when such news will come to an end. 

Following in on from my previous blog, I came across an article on BBC News Health that came out on the 23rd of March 2012 titled:

‘Abortion clinics get spots check’

‘ Abortion clinics across England are undergoing unannounced inspections to check they are abiding by the law’.

I was truly horrified when I read that article as I can even remember a news report about the poor way abortion clinics where handling patients back in February. I must admit I felt really sick to the stomach, because some of the ladies who visit these abortion clinics are teenagers who in my opinion are still children themselves  probably still very much influenced by peer pressure or actively seeking for love in all the wrong places.  

At the time of writing this blog I just finished watching a short film titled ‘My Murder’ which narrates the true life story of Shaks Townsend aged just 16 who was brutally murdered on the 4th of July 2008. As a result of falling for a girl who was involved with a gang leader and to prove that she was still faithful and committed to him, she would lead innocent Shaks to his death.   

Like already stated in my previous blog, when my friend came out to the reception hall where I was sat awaiting her arrival in the abortion clinic. She was as white as a ghost, she looked so fragile and vulnerable I will never forget that look. As I bring my thoughts back to the article above I am deeply concerned for the well being of these young ladies, who sometimes may go through multiple abortions without adequate consultation and preparation as the article has made us to understand. 

I am constantly reminded of the fragility of the mind when it comes to issues like these because I must admit that I too fell into that vicious lie of confusing lust for love. When I believed that the feelings I was experiencing at the time was love and that my partner at the time was truly meant for me. Unfortunately for some, they are still experiencing that life of lies and having either multiply abortions or multiple children from probably different guys.

This makes me even more confident that my services are very much needed, because many people are experiencing hurt or have been traumatised in the past and thus not able to function in normal day to day activities. These ladies are faced with so many issues surrounding them and desperately need someone to reach out to them.

Reading news reports only gives a broad perspective on what is truly happening, a deeper and meaningful involvement with these ladies sheds a better light.

Music has been used as a source of therapy for centuries, the bible states of a time that music was used to cast away the evil spirit from Saul when he wanted to kill David. The healing power of music cannot and should not be underestimated, it has the power of transforming lives, bringing about an element of hope and fusing our minds even if for a little period of time with the enjoyment and entertainment that it brings by listening or watching it live.


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