Teenage pregnancies at its lowest.

5 Mar

It was truly to my amazement when I read an article in the Metro newspaper on the 29th of February 2012. With the heading which read ‘Teen pregnancies at Lowest for 40yrs but abortions rise’. 

At the initial onset, It was quite exhilarating to read that change was coming however upon further reading and a full understanding of the article. It is still not the best news to hear that abortion is at its top most high. Especially amongst teens, who in my opinion cannot be classed as fully reliable adults (some may disagree).

An article on http://www.teenpregnancy.com states that  ‘Younger women may consider that they haven’t completed their education and realize they still have their whole lives ahead of them. Some feel it will take too much to give a child up for adoption; plus, they are not willing to carry the child for 9 months and go through delivery’.

Others may feel that their parents in their words (my mum/dad will kill me if they find out).  There must be something really wrong when the first thing that comes to the young lady’s mind is to abort the foetus because she believes mum or dad will kill her.  

When I was a teenage mum, I must admit that, that thought did pass through my mind but because of my strong faith in God I was unable to go ahead with it. However, I was unfortunately begged by an old friend of mine to accompany her to an abortion centre to have an abortion. I begged and begged her not to go ahead with it in my opinion a barbaric procedure, but she ignored my pleas and still went ahead with it. Upon her appearance at the reception hall where I was awaiting her arrival she looked really pale and truly lifeless, she was in floods of tears and I felt immensely sorry for her and I all I could do for her was just cuddle her while she cried and cried.

The rise of abortion cannot be and should not be in anyway a victorious news when talking about the fall of teenage pregnancies, as the psyche of the ladies must be really affected.

As a teenage pregnancy specialist and a musician, my journey of discovering on how music heals the brain, body and soul. Has led me to various reports and research done by various people. One of such research is, music brings about a positive state of mind helping to keep depression and anxiety at bay.


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