Teenage Pregnancies

29 Dec

The society today seems to be in agreement about one thing, the constant rise of teenage pregnancy. we may not all speak one language but there seems to be an understanding that something needs to be done about the increased rate of teenage pregnancies.

The question that needs to be asked is, why is it that getting pregnant amongst our youths this day has become so rampant? Is it a cultural thing? Is it due to lack of love from the foundational basis (family background)? Or is it due to peer pressure? Whatever the answer maybe, be it one of the three, all of the three or non of the three. What can we as a society do to help prevent a further uprise of pregnancies amongst the youths today? As some of these pregnancies may not result in these ladies actually having their babies. According to recorded reports it does appear that abortions has gradually been on the rise amongst the youths in the society, and these is really quite sad to hear because every life deserves the opportunity to live and fulfil his/her dreams.

One thing that always puzzles me is the fact that, many people still seem to be blind to the fact that times are changing and the way things might have been discussed and handled in the past. Can not and will not be possible in these present times.

There are still so many things that needs consideration and explanation, however for this blog I will be calling time hear.


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