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8 Mar

Top tips to overcoming limiting mindset

3 Feb

How to gain clarity for the achievement of goals.

17 Jan

How to gain clarity to achieve your goals

What is the dictionary definition of clarity – ‘The quality of being clear, in particular’

Many women who have been in contact with me recently, all come along asking one question. ‘How do I gain clarity in order for me to achieve my goals?’

I decided to do a short video with 6 points that I feel clearly answers that question.

1). Realise that you own control over life’s outcomes. There are many external influences that will impact your wellbeing, but you must be able to be flexible and adjust in order to achieve your goals.

2). Revisit your past. Once you remember where you are coming from this will help you to focus. If you are coming from a past filled with sorrow, abuse, neglect, hurt and loneliness and you make a vow to yourself never to go back to such a time as that or even allow your children to experience it. Then that vow you made to yourself acts as a compass keeping you on track to your final destination.

3). See things through your mind’s eye. Visualize things they way you want them to be and don’t be disheartened by your present situation.

4). Write down your goals. Start your day reading your lists daily so they are constantly fresh at the forefront of your mind.

5). Not all goals will be life changing. Understand that your goals are just that they are yours. So each should be treated with the same treatment and enthusiasm as the previous one.

6). Don’t become to overwhelmed. Take it easy and one step at a time.

I am the CEO of Magdalene Adenaike – Transformation Expert. Working with women who are stuck in the jobs they hate and are ready to leave and start their own thing.

I am also the CEO of Music Relief Foundation – Where we work with your young people to unleash their creative spirits.

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28 Dec

The reason why I stopped being someone else and became me 

2 Dec

How many of us can identify with that? When that feeling of inadequacy fills you and you begin to fill that you are not good enough and you have nothing good to offer. 

Well that was me over 10 years ago when I felt that I was not not good enough, and that there was nothing special about me. Those feelings stemmed from deep down feelings of insecurities and lack of confidence within myself and my abilities. 

I have always sang for as long as I can remember primarily only within the  church at that time. The doubting of my abilities started when I first stepped into the studio in 2005. When I first heard a recording of my voice I was in shock because I had always sang in church and my voice sounded fine, but why now did it sound so awful?

I signed up with my first ever vocal coach, but was ashamed and unaware of what I needed to do to understand my voice and become my own person. I felt that I was been mocked at, that even though I was paying for vocal lessons I had already made up my mind that it was not going to work. 

I felt that people were lying to me when I got complimented on my voice and I needed to sound like Beyoncé and sing high notes like Mariah Carey. I hurt my throat in the process of pushing myself to sound like these people and I am so amazed that I did not incur permanent damage. 

It took me almost 6 years before I had the eureka moment. This happened when I was listening to an episode of American Idol some years back and one of the contestants was singing Beyoncé’s song and sounding exactly like her. One of the judges had to stop her and remind her that the world already has Beyoncé and the world needed to hear her. This simple but very direct message jumped out of the television screen right unto me and that was when my journey of change started.

Now, I’m sure that many people reading this blog can resonate with what I am saying here. Many of us especially women and some men feel that until we look, sound or even walk like somebody else then we are not good enough. 

Do you know that everyone of us is fearfully and wonderfully made? Do you know that there is greatness inside of you and that you can do anything and achieve anything in life once you put your mind to it?

Why waste your time wanting to be everybody else, when your destiny is waiting for you to wake up and come into your own in order to achieve your own greatness. 

Stop trying to talk, walk, dress or even act like that other person, when you can have so much fun exploring more about who you really are and how to be your version of fabulous. 

Stop coping and start striving.

Stop envying and start shining 

Stop suffering in silence and start living life for you. 

The extent you are ready to go and the person you are ready to become, is dependent on when you are ready to wake up and smell the coffee. 

I am Magdalene Adenaike, the revolutionary coach, author, inspirational speaker and musician. I help women get out of their rut and start their own thing. I am also the CEO of Music Relief Foundation- where we run music as therapy workshops for young people to unleash their creative spirits and be empowered. 

Don’t be afraid to get it wrong before you start getting it right. 

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Leadership and Experience – 7 life lessons from Donald Trump’s presidential victory

12 Nov

We have woken up to the news that Donald Trump is now the 45th president of America. Love him or loathe him he has done what he set out to accomplish. I find myself being drawn more and more into politics now more than ever and truly believe deep down that though I was not drawn to Donald Trump and his views, I really felt that he was the best person for the job.
Donald Trump from what I have observed and from many discussions with others is not a politician but rather a salesman. However, in my personal opinion what made Donald Trump win this election is due to the fact that he has mastered the art of his salesmanship and become very experienced in it that he is able to lead others into believing and following after his views on things.
He has been preparing for a time like this long before he was presented as a presidential candidate. His experience as a successful businessman has shown him the pitfalls to avoid and the paths to continue on in order to enjoy continued success.
As a leader, what has your experiences taught you to avoid and what should you capitalize on? To stand on a podium and declare to people that you have a great plan to become the next president when everything and everyone around may not see it takes a lot of guts and full confidence in your abilities. However, to get to that point requires that individual to have experienced something in life that gives him/her the audacity to think and speak in such a manner.
To undermine the experiences you have faced in life is at a total detriment to your own well being. I say this confidently and with boldness but not arrogantly because the lessons I have learnt from my experiences has proven to me that empathy as a leader is a vital ingredient. I set up a Social Enterprise not knowing my left or right but with just one thought in mind, wanting to be the shoulder that someone else can lean on and become empowered in their life’s journey.
Donald Trump, was already used to standing in front of an audience and delivering speeches, being in leadership roles and convincing people of his way of things. He had mastered the art of conveying his message in order for people to buy into his way of doing things. This I believe would have led him to capitalise on that followership and so jumped on the opportunity to become America’s 45th president.
I draw lessons from his victory today in the following;

1). Stick to what you are good at and don’t deviate

2). Your experiences in life are for a reason, don’t look down on them.

3). Not everyone will like you but that should not change who you are

4). Change is good don’t be afraid to step out from what appears to be the norm and the safer option.

5). Present yourself forward even though you may not directly appear to be right person for the position.

6). To a be a great leader don’t be afraid to acknowledge your weaknesses and surround yourself with the right people to support you.

7). Have the audacity to dream big.

Magdalene Adenaike FRSA, multiple award winning entrepreneur is a purpose driven individual whose desire is to see everyone living life to their fullest capacity. Her greatest passion is assisting women and youths unearth their ‘why’. Magdalene is no stranger to struggles as she became a mom in her teen years. The personal experiences she gained in that situation, and her expertise as a singer and songwriter synchronized beautifully thus birthing Music Relief. Music Relief runs music as therapy workshop programmes that provides a fertile environment for youths who are marginalised and from disadvantaged backgrounds within the society, building confidence and self-esteem to blossom into actualized individuals. Magdalene facilitates mentoring programmes for women who are seeking to start their own businesses within the education, corporate and voluntary sectors and strives to continue creating platforms where others are able to share their stories and be empowered.